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Dr. Spencer
Our city woke up to shocking news this morning: the death of a prominent professor of the Adrianopolis University. Dr. Melvyn Phillip Spencer, a leading history scholar, was found dead in his apartment in the Devotee Condominiums. Our sources in the GPSN Peace and Security Center indicate that Dr. Spencer’s accidental death was caused by an unauthorized electronic device. The origin of the device is unknown, and no specific details have yet been released. However, the authorities urge that any users of such unauthorized devices should immediately report to the Adrianopolis Rehab Center for a complete checkup, since their lives may be in grave danger. Such devices may cause permanent damage in the user’s brain, genetic make-up, and even cause death, as in the case of Dr. Spencer.

Janka Gabor, the secretary of the deceased, shares her thoughts about his death: “I cannot believe Dr. Spencer is dead. He was such a kind and hard working man. But what I really have a difficult time understanding is how such a fine mind of our system could use an illegal device. It is beyond my belief.” We here at WXBG News totally agree. It seems there was a secret corruption behind the cover of a well respected intellectual. Check our pages regularly for the latest about this tragic but scandalous incident.


Foreign Politics:

Surprise, surprise!! It seems like the war drums are beating again in the Rogue States. Whoever said that history is doomed to repeat itself is absolutely right, because the top story today is Return to Tibet, Episode II. The tensions between the Russian Rogue State and its Chinese counterpart are running hot, and both are at their highest alert status. And naturally the Indian government wouldn’t miss an opportunity to get involved in such a conflict.

In the late 2020s, the Rogue States of Russia, China, and India declared war against each other for control of natural resources in Tibet. The Tibet War started in 2026 and lasted for two years, depleting the economies of the already depleted Rogue States. And, as always, who suffered most? Their own citizens. Unfortunately, that tends to happen in every Nation State: foolish politicians making decisions only to expose their citizens to more and more suffering.

Authorities of the World Union, of course, could not turn a blind eye to the atrocities of this terrible war. The Union brokered a very successful peace treaty, and helped repair the poor Rogue State economies. Mind you, this economic aid did not come free. Long gone are the days of economic freebies from the likes of IMF and the World Bank. To the mutual interest of our Mighty Union and the areas mentioned, a substantial portion of Siberia, the island of Sri Lanka, and a new lease of 99 years of Hong Kong and Kowloon were ceded to the World Union.

Home News

For our followers at the Rogue States, there are no new surprises. In the World Union, it’s always business as usual – successful citizens flourishing in a flawless system. Of particular interest, however, 2047 is the 15th anniversary of the Eradication of Capital Crimes. Not only that, but this marks the 7th consecutive year with 0% unemployment, and the latest results show that the life expectancy of a World Union female has increased to 94 years.

Legal News

The landmark case of Simpson vs. Cain is scheduled to start as early as April 3rd. The judge of the case announced in a press release yesterday that most of the evidence has been properly submitted to the authorities.

As our regular viewers will recall, Jeffrey Simpson, a Union citizen from San Francisco, is suing Lin Yao Cain, a recent immigrant from the Rogue State of China, over the controversial issues regarding un-economical thinking, un-scientific living, and denial of healthy genetic reproduction. Mr. Simpson and Ms. Cain were sexual partners when Ms. Cain got impregnated. She readily admitted that she chose not to follow her gynecologist’s suggestions for reproductive control, nor did she make her sexual partner aware of the situation.

Douglas Anderson
Acclaimed lawyer Douglas D. Anderson, had this to say about the case: “It’s a really messy situation. As you all know, conventional delivery is not covered by any insurance companies in the World Union. But that’s a minor issue compared to the gestational risks to the fetus and the economic consequences that Mr. Simpson faces, since he obviously was not aware of Ms. Cain’s unethical intentions. The medical experts verify that a fetus at this stage cannot be transferred to an Incubation Unit. Moreover, no medical doctor in the Union could assist Ms. Cain during a physical delivery, since such crude methods are no longer being practiced.”
Kati Stavropoulos

Ms. Kati Stavropoulos, a teacher at the CDC, was far more emphatic in her comments on this extraordinary case: “I am truly shaken by this… this malice. I cannot believe a woman that carries the same hormones as I do can commit such an atrocity. I’m totally flabbergasted. I mean, of course Ms. Cain’s approach can cause serious damage to a newborn baby, as being in uterus will make it prone to psychological defects such as an altruistic dependency on its biological mother. You expect everybody to know that. But you’d also expect Ms. Cain, a woman who was born in a Rogue State, to understand and appreciate women’s rights much more than women raised by the ways of the World Union. We women fought so hard to gain our economic independence, it’s just shocking to me that any woman would totally miss out on the last cornerstone of Women’s Suffrage: freedom from the obligation of being impregnated.” Strong words from a strong woman. Only a scientifically qualified mother figure could evaluate the situation in such an emotionally powerful way.

This unprecedented violation of three Articles of our Constitution has attracted enormous attention from Digital Citizens all around the World Union. The broadcaster of the case, The Court Network, reports that more than three million citizens have already registered to be a jury member, and another 50,000 requests are received daily. Our experts think that by the time the trial starts, there may be as many as four million jury members voting on this landmark case.