Special Guest:
Lena Vanderbilt

Ms. Vanderbilt is a senior account executive at the Allied Investors, and she graciously spared some of her valuable time this month to bring you tips from the investment world:

"Not much has changed recently in the Investor's Arena -- the World Union's Global Conglomerate Companies (GCCs) are strong as ever. Their sound structures, cash/credit flow and human resource management capabilities are unmatched. The only downside is they pay out low returns to investors, since they are such sure bets. Then again, you know what they say: No Pain, No Gain.

I would especially advise our friends from the Rogue States to invest in GCCs, since neither their background nor their knowledge of our economic system would be sufficient for them to make sound investment decisions. We would not want them to lose all their hard-earned currency on junk bonds!!

The medium sized companies and the start-ups are doing better this quarter. But do not be fooled -- always go through Venture Capital firms before investing on these. If you bet on start-ups before doing a thorough analysis, not only could you'd lose all your money, but youÕd also be violating Article 6 of the World Union Constitution. And an individual could never match the expertise and insider knowledge Venture Capital firms have at their fingertips.

Be smart, invest with the best!"