Hi! My name is Sandra Pescara, and I am your host for the World Union Lifestyle pages. Here you can learn all the ins and outs of the ultimate fads and fashions, and of course get a glimpse of the fabulous life of World Union citizens.

Fashion Trends

In this debut edition, I would like to share the fashion trends of the World Union with all of you Rogue Staters. The fabulous designers of the Union are so dynamic and creative that the producers of fashion garments really have a difficult time keeping up. Well, I can't say that I shed a tear for those producers, because guess what? Me and all the other boys and girls of our mighty World Union end up enjoying weekly fashion trends. That's right, the fashion trends change here every week!!! And do you know what's the best part of any week? The sales, of course! Here in the Union we get to enjoy incredible savings every weekend, not to mention the hourly sales throughout the week. It's so exciting to rush to these unscheduled last minute bargains, and grab the best garments while they're still available. By taking full advantage of these buying bonanzas, we not only serve the Union's perfect Economic System, we also maintain a sharp eye for a quality product at a reasonable price.

I know it's not easy for you to imagine what I'm talking about. But that's OK. What can one do if your possibilities of having a reasonable open market and access to the best prices are severely hampered. Oh well, here at the World Union we know that you try your best, and really that's what matters, isn't it? Let's face it... if I were living in such a polluted, criminal, and disgusting environment, believe me, I couldn't do any better, either.

Hey, tell you what: it's still not too late for any of you. If you have enough greed and willpower, you can change your world. Just remember, we at the World Union are your friends and supporters in your fight against the injustices of your horrible economic systems.

Rising Stars of Adrianopolis
I would like to introduce you to a couple of people in Adrianopolis that I really admire:

Roger Arnett

Roger Arnett: The famed Roger Arnett, or Arnie as he'd like to be called, is the only Senior Member of the World Image Makers Association in town. Of course, he's the Image Maker of choice for every citizen who understands the importance of self image (that would be everybody in town, right?). Not quite as accessible as we would like him to be, with his extremely busy schedule and his hourly rate from outer space. But that's supply and demand for you. What can you expect when all the top business men and women credit him for their accelerating pace of success and spoils? All this makes him one of the pillars of our society in Adrianopolis, and one of the most valuable assets of our dynamic market. You're a Rising Star, Arnie!!

Douglas Anderson

Douglas D. Anderson: What's the most important business we do here in Adrianopolis? Even a respectable fifth grader from the Child Development Center would know that: the Border Trade. And who is the single most important man behind all the big international deals and contracts in Adrianopolis? The man himself, Douglas D. Anderson. Not only is he a brilliant attorney, he's also a Fox with capital F. Watch out, Douglas D., there are so many ladies out there who would want to be your next CASE. Mr. Anderson, you too are a Rising Star, and a cornerstone of our community in Adrianopolis.