Vladimir Stakhanov:

"Two years ago I was just a simple coal miner from Donbas region in Russia. My only pleasure was my work, and most of the time I didn't get paid for it. The economy in the Rogue States is so primitive, only through bartering could I accumulate enough money to attend the Immigration Academy.

Now I am a completely different person. As the leading Physical Education Instructor at the Immigration Academy, I get to serve the system that saved me from my former life. Training the Academy students is the best way I could find to repent from all my previous wrongdoings, and to increase my HDI by a point nearly every Quarter! I am also the gym instructor at the Pyramid of Adrianopolis, where I have the opportunity to share my experience with the world's elite who were born to be fit. And let me tell you, the babes here are awesome!!

If I, a poor coal miner from Donbas, who had nothing but the power of his muscles, the strength of his greed, and an iron will of determination, can be a success story at the World Union, so can you. It's a hard road, sure, but the reward is worth so much more, and you'll never look back. Follow my footsteps and Be All You Can Be."