Hi, my name is Julio Santa Dominguez. I am your host here at the Immigration Academy recruitment site. Our business at the Academy is to import the top selection of human resources to the World Union. And here in Adrianopolis, we only accept the best of the best and nothing less. That could be you!

WORLD UNION challenges you!


We know how hopeless the conditions are in the Rogue States. We know you can't pursue your potential in the crippling, dead-end environment you're used to. And we very much know how unsafe and insecure you feel about your future. You're the product of your society, and you feel trapped. But if you're not using your genetic greed and motivation to improve your life, the worst atrocity of all is the one you're committing against yourself. That opportunity is right here, right now, as the World Union could be your saviour.

Being born in a Rogue State is not your fault! Our system provides all qualifying Academy applicants a one-time absolution, erasing all past actions that conflict with the World Union Constitution. Whether murder, rioting, assault, or hacking, we'll wipe the slate clean. If you're guilty of un-economical thinking (such as nuptial agreements), lived altruistic lifestyles with biological kin, polluted the environment, or consumed genetically harmful food products and substances (such as tobacco products or other drugs), we won't hold it against you. Even if you've taken part in a genocide, in the World Union you will still get one more chance.

Imagine... Just imagine how your world will change when you step into a system that guarantees all safety and security needs for its citizens. From the moment you join, you will never need to worry about feeling unsafe on the streets, polluted air and water, genetically destructive food, ill effects of nuclear by-products, contagious diseases, wars, economic instabilities, taxes, or capital crimes. But that's just for starters. You'll learn how to address your own need for love, belonging and self-esteem, so that you can maximize your genetic potential and reach your point of self-realization.

If this sounds too good to be true, now comes the word of warning. Don't think it's going to be easy! Most of you may not even make it into the Academy, let alone graduate to the World Union. But we humans are only as good as our effort towards the ultimate achievement: to be a contributing citizen of the World Union.

Our challenge is before you! The only thing stopping you now is you. Read on to find out more.

Meet your future leader at the Immigration Academy, Dagmar Morssen:

Dagmar Morssen

Dagmar Morssen is the head of the Immigration and Naturalization Center, and the Peacekeeping Center here in Adrianopolis. Born in Northern Europe in 2007, she had to endure the terrible atrocities during the Blockade of Denmark. Surviving that experience makes her a shining example of the human spirit, and she has since become a very successful community leader. She summarizes her own success with the following words:

"The most selfish... the most determined... the strongest shall inherit the World! That is the scientific truth! The ultimate reality!!"

Captain Morssen stimulates success in whomever she comes across. Her message to Academy Students is usually inspiring, bold, and convincing:

"We know how hard you have tried to shed your old habits... your old worldviews... in order to be a citizen of the New World Order. All of you here have succeeded! And why were you able to succeed?! You were able to succeed... because all of you here are blessed with perfectly selfish genes!"

Captain Morssen is also a great inspiration to her staff. She knows exactly how to use her words in order to inspire our ambition, drive, and teamwork.

"Selfish genes are the irrefutable scientific truth! Not help... not aid... not pity... but the cooperation of the very best!

This is the essence of New World Order! The World will win... if only the very best win!"

We the Peace Officers at Adrianopolis are so fortunate to work under such an influential and experienced leader. Under her leadership, we are motivated to provide her with the best crop of human resources.