We Are Numbers

“I am not a number, I am a free man!” shouts Number Six at the ever-watching cameras of his prison island, in the 1960s cult TV show The Prisoner. More

What’s this book about anyway?

It’s about instincts and how they can guide us to personal happiness, no matter how much they deemed irrelevant by modern science and thinking. More

What is the question?

It’s another day of drowning ourselves into the abyss of information before us, absorbing the sensory feed, processing, and what remains is virtually nil. Ready-to-process answers to standard questions are perpetually pushed towards us through the media bombardment around us. MORE

Freedom is consumption

As creatures we are so quick to adapt and get used to the easy. I was at a zoo recently and just like everyone else there, I was trying to catch a glimpse of the animals’ natural behavior. Yet, they were all lazing around, predators and prey alike, their natural spark lost, waiting for that next handout. Are we that different than those animals? More

The Age of Wireless Narcotics

Just watch how they walk down busy streets of their metropolis, appearing all too busy, with gadgets on every limb—save one for that coffee. They are all so very busy, focused on the information coming from every direction and through every sensory organ, but are they really? More

Postmodern ways to sell your soul

We still keep watching the fallout from the recent financial collapse and its ramifications. It’s been more than 4 years, but the “how” is still a big question for the average folk on the street. It’s hard to fathom for a wage earner or a small business owner or an entrepreneur how these sophisticated financial More

World Union of Culpa Innata: So unique yet so familiar

One of the editorial reviewers of Culpa Innata said that “What also sets this novel apart is the wonderful world the writer has created, which is unique enough to make us wonder, and yet familiar enough to have real-world lessons for readers.” This is an excellent way to sum up Culpa Innata’s More

Look at the future: You will see today.

With exhaustive comparisons to the Roman example, many political scientists and historians argue that the US is in the verge of becoming an empire, if not already. Ignore the popular comments made in the media about how powerful a few other nations are emerging in the absence of a global More

Welcome to Culpa Innata

Just as the entire world seems poised to come crashing down on her, burying her under the rubble of her own career, Phoenix battles for her survival and sanity and discovers a long-buried inner strength. Deeply repressed secrets within herself are uncovered, her once restrained qualities and powers More