The Author

B. Barmanbek, Author

Multimedia producer, internet infrastructure designer, video game writer/developer, self-taught historian, world class caver and cave photographer, and now author, you could say B. Barmanbek is a bit of a Renaissance Man. But his pursuits, while diverse, are each in service of a deeper truth.

“I take a holistic approach while I try to understand the world around me, because I feel that it doesn’t make any sense to isolate any historical, social or political event from the daily lives and relationships of people involved,” says Barmanbek. “In that sense, I take an extra effort to understand the historical characters and why they did what they did, their motives, their aspirations.”

It’s these types of questions, as well as Barmanbek’s study of past societies throughout history, that led to the development of his popular video game-turned-book, Culpa Innata. Set in the not-so-distant future, it is a fictional projection of the world we live in now.

“I took our world’s contemporary developments and extrapolated, pushed them to the boundaries, trying to envision what kind of a world this could eventually develop into: the result was the World Union,” says Barmanbek.

“When I thought of the concept of a global economic meltdown back in 2002, for example, there wasn’t even a trace of the developments today.  And even in original Culpa video game material, I wrote that the European Union would begin disintegrating by mid 2010s.”

“That remains to be seen,” he adds. “But it was something thought impossible only 5 years ago. With this book, I’d like to make the reader wonder how far we are from all this, this climate of chaos, and if we are even far at all.”

The co-founder and chairman of Momentum, the company that developed the video game Culpa Innata, Barmanbek’s professional background lies in engineering and multimedia production. An MBA graduate of Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, he is also a member of the World Future Society, AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Academy of Political Science, and one of the founders of Turkish Speleological Federation. Caves also appear prominently in the book Culpa Innata, and to date, Barmanbek has explored over 100 caves.

Author B. BARMANBEK is currently working on a sequel book to Culpa Innata, titled: Chaos Rising. He is currently based in Istanbul.