We Are Numbers

“I am not a number, I am a free man!” shouts Number Six at the ever-watching cameras of his prison island, in the 1960s cult TV show The Prisoner.
Think about it. No matter what they say and no matter how much they assure us, we are simply a statistic to all public and private institutions around the world.
And the explosion of global communications in the Internet era makes it only worse. Now we have Big Data evaluating, calculating, cataloging, and storing our every single move.
It appears that this trend will only intensify and create an indirect pressure to shift our daily behavior in order to adapt and take advantage of this new environment. Consequently the system will adapt to reward such behavior.
We humans are not good with numbers so it is very likely that all these numbers about each of us will eventually converge into something simple: a single number, an index to represent the lifelong accumulated big data about every single one of us.
Yes, I’m talking about a Human Development Index.
I can hear its footsteps. Can you?