What’s this book about anyway?

It’s about instincts and how they can guide us to personal happiness, no matter how much they deemed irrelevant by modern science and thinking.

It’s about struggling against all odds and our endless capacity to overwhelm the same.

It’s about a personal voyage in search of self-fulfillment and happiness, satisfying that endless urge to do and to make.

It’s about self-discovery and re-invention, and that endless journey to the depths of the soul.

It’s about an ever-existing mega-machine and its boundless appetite to devour human soul, spirit, and her right for just existence.

It’s about resistance to the control, manipulation, and indoctrination over one’s pursuit of happiness and self-determination.

It’s about you, and me, and everyone who is born with a dream to make.

It’s about searching and finding that one dream that would make us leave a unique footprint on this world.
What happened to your dream? Who stole it and how, then gave you a polished and politically correct version to consume, do you know? You don’t? Then, listen to my tale…