The Age of Wireless Narcotics

Just watch how they walk down busy streets of their metropolis, appearing all too busy, with gadgets on every limb—save one for that coffee. They are all so very busy, focused on the information coming from every direction and through every sensory organ, but are they really? They appear to focus on something, but it seems to me like their focus is on the very distraction itself.

This attention-seeking bombardment of information slowly entered our lives in the last century or so, with the popular access of all kinds of media, starting with newspapers, radio, TV, and of course, the internet. With cell phones and widespread wireless access, it simply exploded. We’re besieged by media from all sides, trying to grab a slice of our attention, filling our minutes, hours, days, and life. There are so many ways to meet people now, make friends, find people with common interests, find significant others, keeping in contact with friends and family, and all these apps and networks are out there to organize our time, days, work, friends, family, vacations, interests, anything and everything we would ever need, and more…

Now, I’m telling you to stop! Think! Is this really good for you? Yes, keeping in contact with people, meeting new people is a good thing, but how much is too much? Could this be a new form of gluttony, where we waste our precious time and life on just stuff? Is it anyone’s dream to be lost in an endless chatter, only to wake up one day to find, too late, that we’re out of time? It is a form of gluttony, as you are consuming more than you can digest and keep piling it up, building that thick layer of fat made of junk info around your mind, diminishing your ability to think? Think! You need room to think in your mind, free from distraction, so you can reflect, so you can absorb, so you can truly understand—forget about the world around you—but what’s going on with you. Do you know who you were yesterday or who you are today? Who do you see when you look into the mirror and deep inside your own eyes? Who will you see tomorrow? Who is the true you? What is it you truly want? Do you know? I’m not sure if I really do, but I try my damnedest to do so. Otherwise my life might just turn into that of one of those vampires or zombies in those popular movies, consumed by a raging thirst for junk, mind-numbing garbage, day and night.

Is it a curse where once we are exposed—or bitten if you prefer—there is no turning back and we are damned forever, or do we possess enough willpower to stop this and keep these new age wireless narcotics at a reasonable level?

Red pill, anyone?